Student Feedback

Our reputation has been built on the satisfaction of the many students who we have been privileged to teach over the years, and many of our new bookings are from personal recommendation. The following excerpts are all taken from student feedback, and are reproduced with permission.

"Dear Claire, I just wish to thank you for such an excellent training day. Not only was it professionally executed, l came away feeling top of the world, relaxed and mentally alert. I will endeavour to practice the skill you passed on, allowing others to have the the benefits." - Christine Baston

"An excellent course, well delivered. You explained the process simply and patiently, and allowed time for me to work at my own pace. You always made time for questions and are clear in your answers. You are warm and approachable and make the learning process enjoyable." - Sal Margetts and Paul Walkden

"I found both courses excellent in delivery with friendly and helpful tutor, who was happy to answer any questions and ensure we were confident and competent in practice. Ample materials were given for further home study. Classes were small enough for students to have individual attention. I look forward to attending a further course, and would highly recommend yourselves to others." - Pauline Rowe

"We found the course very informative, and it was easy to understand the fundamentals behind the therapy and the benefits to the therapist and the client. A great day and unlike any other training day - it was very comfortable and relaxed. Claire was very professional, patient, encouraging and very easy to understand. I liked the ethos of your company - your professionalism and your speedy response to my original enquiry." - Jason Kinrade

"Very interesting and informative, in a relaxed atmosphere. Claire explained everything fully and we were given ample opportunity to ask any questions and to go over anything we did not understand. I felt the lesson was not at all rushed. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would not hesitate to book a further course." - Annette Davis

"Just a quick note of thanks to you all. As the only male present on a course such as this, where there is potential for embarassment for all concerned, I felt I was welcomed and a part of the group, not just a male presence that needed to be tolerated. It's good to feel that in a female dominated industry, the occasional man appearing on the scene doesn't have to put up the feeling of being ostracised or ridiculed. I just wish that the same could be said when it's the other way round. Thank you, Claire, for a very instructive course. I now feel confident enough to practice without fear of damaging someone, and have signed up for some of the other courses too." - Chris Gutteridge

"I found Claire very friendly and professional. The room was very calming, music was fantastic, lovely atmosphere. Thank you, I really enjoyed the course and hope to enjoy the next two courses as much. - Allison Liston

"An excellent course taught in small sections then finally brought together to give the full head massage. The course was well constructed and to the point. The course notes are also extremely informative. I have attended courses where the tutor has spent time on idle chit chat, strayed from the subject, also picked on students for answers which is inhibiting and very negative. I've also had to write copious notes! You were so to the point and very positive throughout. I'm glad that I have found you and look forward to seeing other courses you will have to offer in the future. " - Val Cox

"Claire was calm, interesting, positive, caring and helpful. As a teacher myself I appreciate and recognise quality instruction - it was of the highest quality" - Thea Watkins

"Very enjoyable, and left me confident to try massage on friends and family. Professional, friendly, and a very competent teacher." - Chris Porter

"Courses are suitable for those with no experience. The materials are very good and the tutor is supportive. Nothing to fear." - Susan Staines

"The therapies learnt are very enjoyable to receive and to give. It is not often that I have come across such a lovely combination, giving the therapist the feeling of having had therapy themselves." - Theresa McVicar

"It was nice to have a tutor who could give feedback on all delegates throughout the day, rather than having to wander around a larger group and not really seeing as much." - Claire Josephs

"I enjoyed learing a skill which is very unfamiliar to me. The teaching was careful, slow and thorough. The file of notes etc is extremely helpful and pads out what we learned on the day. "- Angela Davies

"This was first massage class I have attended and I was impressed A very pleasant experience with excellent trainer and lovely participants - thank you!" - Sharon Pendlebury

"I have attended other holistic courses, but Claire is one of the most professional people I have encountered. I feel she is very knowledgeable and very concerned about training people in the right way. She is a very good teacher. I think short, affordable courses are good because they are more accessible for busy people." - Cara Henken

"The small classes are an excellent idea, you feel that you are getting enough attention and if you were doing anything wrong its spotted quicker whereas large classes don't get the same attention. Certainly helped you learn the right techniques. I'll definitely be booking more courses, and keeping an eye on your website to see if any new courses are being added." - Catherine Sutherland

"Claire was very professional and warm. We had a great day. It was lots of fun as well as being a great learning experience. A thank you to Claire for a great day - we would definitely book with you again." - Sarah Llewellyn