Booking Terms

Cancellations and Refunds
We're unable to offer refunds if you want to cancel your training course unless you cancel your booking within 24 hours of making the original booking by calling us on 020 8123 7527.  You will receive a refund excluding any credit card or other administrative fees, and an additional cancellation fee per booking will be charged at £20.  Refunds will be made to the credit or debit card used to make your booking.  

Exceptional Circumstances

In exceptional circumstances such as a bereavement, we will offer you a transfer onto a later course date with no penalty fees.  This decision is  made at our sole discretion and will only be considered if the bereavement relates to an immediate family member, for example a partner, child, parent or sibling.  Should this apply please send a scanned copy of the death certificate to us via the Contact Us page of our website.
Name Changes
Names of students may be changed on payment of a fee of £20 per student, per booking up to the day before the scheduled booking. In addition, if there is a difference between the original fee paid and the current fee available at the time the change is made, the customer will be required to pay any increase fee since the original booking. No refund will be given if the new fee is lower.
Course Transfers
The following charges will apply if you wish to transfer your booking to a later course date:
  •  A £40 re-booking fee will apply
  • If you have purchased your course at a discounted price you will have to pay the the full course price.
  • The choice of course date must be specified at the time of transfer, or the instruction will be considered a cancellation.
  • The option to transfer a course date can only be used once, after which any additional request will be considered a cancellation. All outstanding payments will remain due, irrespective of the number of working days notice given for the cancellation.
Course Dates and Venues
  • London Massage Courses reserves the right to alter course dates and venues without liability.
  • Our courses run on weekdays.  If you can only attend on a Saturday a surcharge will apply.
  • In the event of a cancellation where an alternative cannot be provided in respect of that course, a full refund will be offered. 
  • London Massage Courses cannot reimburse travel or accommodation expenses, and is not able to offer refunds for cancellations outside our control, including adverse weather conditions, flooding or industrial action.
Course Content
In order to respond rapidly to changes in market demand London Massage Courses  reserves the right to alter its course content and/or tutor.

Late Arrival and No-Shows
You are accepted onto a course on the understanding that you attend on the date and at the time specified in your confirmation email.  Classes commence promptly at 9.45 am, and the tutor is not responsible for repeating notes or stages missed and can refuse to admit you at their discretion. Regardless of the reason, if you arrive late your course may have to be postponed to a later date as there may not be enough time to complete the course in the time remaining.  Please note that this will incur a £40 re-booking fee. If you fail to turn up for your course at any venue no refunds can be given and any outstanding balance will become due, as we reserved your place and turned away other students who could have attended.
Paying for and/or attending a course does not guarantee the awarding of a diploma or certificate.  Diplomas are gained by the successful fulfillment of the criteria set out by London Therapists and its accrediting bodies, and the awarding of diplomas is at the discretion of the tutor.  In the case of a dispute the decision of  the Principal is final.  Should you lose your original diploma a replacement can be issued, at our discretion, as long as you can confirm the date(s) you attended your course.  A fee of £15 per diploma (exc P&P) is payable.

Other Terms
1.  The use of camcorders, mobile phone cameras and audio equipment during a class is not permitted. 
2.   All courses, fees and discounts are subject to change without prior notice.
3.  Students unable to understand or speak English must arrange a private course at an additional fee of £75, and bring a suitably qualified interpreter.  
4.  These conditions form the main part of the contract between London Massage Courses and the Student. Only the Principal shall be authorised to alter or waive any of the aforementioned terms and conditions.
If any student behaves improperly either before or during an assessment, or damages or removes any equipment belonging to Surrey Beauty Courses, they will be asked to leave immediately and no refund of fees will be given.

Privacy Policy


London Massage Courses will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others unless you have given us your permission. Personal  information is provided by you when you book a course or fill in one of our online forms.  We keep the personal information of our students private.  When you send us feedback about our courses we will always ask if we can show it on our site, and only do so if you agree.   Information can also be obtained through analysis of server logs and through the use of "cookies" placed on user machines. A cookie is a piece of software that a Web server can store on a PC to identify the user should they visit the website again. While not all of the information that we collect from users is personally identifiable, it may be associated with personally identifiable information that users provide us through our website.  Personal information provided by you is retained as long as the purpose for which the data was collected continues. It is then archived or destroyed unless its retention is required to satisfy audit, legal, regulatory or accounting requirements or to protect London Massage Courses interests. 


As required by the Data Protection Act 1998, we follow strict security procedures and take appropriate measures to ensure that the information about you is not damaged or destroyed, or disclosed to a third party without your permission and to prevent unauthorised access to it. This means that we may require you to co-operate with our security checks before we can disclose information to you. 


You agree that personal information collected by London Massage Courses on this website may be used and disclosed for such purposes and to such third parties in accordance with the Privacy Statement. By submitting your personal information you agree that you have read, understood and accept the Privacy Statement.  You also consent to the use, transfer and disclosure of the information referred to throughout this Privacy Policy.


Please contact us with any questions regarding the London Massage Courses privacy policy by sending us an email.